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Belle Chiens Puppies

Belle Chiens Puppies


Belle Chiens Puppies

Maizy is a beautiful sweet loving Havanese. She loves to be loves but her favorite thing is a soft velvety blanket to rub all over.

Charmin is a prissy Shihtzu girl with loving playful personality. She loves to cuddle under the blankets and get lots of belly rubs.

River is a gorgeous blue merle Mini Poodle she is sweet and playful. Happy go lucky young lady. Loves most people/

Blue Berry Muffin is a wonderful Mini  F1Goldendoodle weighs about 20 lbs with a vey sweet a loving personality. She loves to loving and is super smart. Also loves her babies and her people

Teagan is F1b Goldendoodle and is a very sweet and loving girl. She is a small girl weighing abour 16 lbs. She is a very passionate mom and loves her people

Holli is an adorabell Havanese with a sweet personlity. She loves to play and be loved. She is on the smaller side at only 6 lbs but so full of life and love.

Skyla is a purebred AKC toy Poodle and is a wonderful sweet little girl. Loves everyone.

Delta Dawn our little F1 Merle Cockapoo girl. She is a springy playful loving full of life girl. Loves to be loved and to play with you or the other dogs. Wonderful temperament and personality.

Nebula F1  Cockapoo She is sweet bouncy happy and playful. Excellent Temperament and wonderful personality to pass on to her babies

Our Boys

Meet Parker he is an AKC Chocolate Parti Havanese. Parker is full of energy and very loving and loyal. He gets along with all the dogs but his favorite buddy is Oakley :)

Meet Rudy is an AKC Small Miniature red Poodle He is so funny and such a loving sweet boy. Rudy loves all the dogs and especially loves the kids. Excellent personality and confirmation!

Dudley is our F1b Miniature Chocolate Merle Goldendoodle He has a great personality and wonderful temperament. Very sweet and loving.

Kalou is our go getting he loves all the girls all the time lol He makes sure he doesnt miss a thing that goes on around her lol He is so loving and adorable

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