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Commitment to you puppy

Whether you are getting a puppy for the first time or adding another addition to your family. Always think it through and please remember that this little life you are bringing home with you is forever. Its just like bringing home a new baby ... you have to get up with the puppy when it cries , you have to take it out to potty every 30 minutes to 1 hour while its awake till the puppy can learn to hold it. Plus, it needs lots of attention and care.. This is a lifetime commitment and expect to devote at least 15-16 years of your life to this puppy. To continue raising a great dog that listens and is easy to live with you need to continue training and bonding with your puppy.

PLEASE make sure you can have a puppy if live in an apartment or rent your home.

Training Your Puppy

Try not to get frusterated when your new puppy piddles on your carpet as he/she is just learning and needs to be reminded often. Potty training can take up 6 months or more depending on how you are training. Even though your puppy learns not to potty in the house early on they have very small bladders and cant hold it very long. So be patient and consistant when training your puppy. When crate training remember to introduce the crate to your puppy gradually. Start with 1 hour and increase it to a little longer every few days. Your puppy will usually cry and whine even bark a lot at first but eventually it will get less and less. Your puppy cant be left alone for more than 3-4 hours in the crate without being feed or let out to potty. IF YOU HAVE A TINY PUPPY THEN I DO NOT RECOMMEND CRATE TRAINING. You can train your puppy several ways including rewarding him with a treat. There are several websites you can check out just type in google "Potty training my puppy" .The Bell Training method has worked for many of my familys. It works if you can totally devote your time for the few weeks that it takes to teach the puppy how.

When your puppy is teething they need to keep their mouth busy and to keep them from chewing on the wrong things you need to keep plenty of rawhide, greenies, pig ear treats or other hard treats available to them. Petsmart has a wide variety and you might try several before you find one that your puppy likes the best.

Toys... they like sqeaky toys, rope toys, the no stuff animal toys they can lay on and drag around. Each puppy will have his or her own prefference to what they will like. NO beannie toys because the puppies have very sharp teeth and they can rip it up and swallow the beads inside.

Puppy proof your home... keep the BROOM and all small things the puppy can reach out of reach. Pick up anything that would be tempting for the puppy to chew on and replace it with something he can chew on.

Remember, the most important thing is to patient , consistent loving but firm.

No matter what .... I am always here to help you. I will do my best to answer any questions and help you with whatever I can. :) 

Simple steps to help you housebreaking your puppy:

  • When it is time to let your puppy out to eliminate, pick up your puppy and carry her outside. Do not let her walk to the door or she will probably pee before she gets there.
  • A young puppy (6-10 weeks) can hold their elimination about 20-40 minutes after eating. If you notice that she suddenly stops playing and begins sniffing the ground, this is a sure sign that your puppy needs to go out!
  • When you first put the puppy down use key words like "do your business" or "go potty" and then wait patiently with your puppy, either standing still or walking about. Do not speak to her or engage her in any play, or she will be distracted from the task at hand.
  • Give your puppy time to eliminate .... sometimes it takes up to 30 minutes. She can get distracted easily. Encourage her to stay on task.

If you follow these simple steps, you can be well on your way to a pee free environment.

Some information on Goldendoodle puppies :)

I recommend crate training your doodle baby they will need a large crate with a divider. So you can control the size of the crate and your puppy will be less likely to soil their space. Also you will only have to buy crate and can adjust it as they grow. A nice fluffy blanket or a bed will make them very happy. If you start taking your puppy out rain snow or shine they will learn its okay to go out when its wet or cold out. That was my experience with my Goldendoodles. :)

You can contact me at: [email protected] 

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